Nasty Habits & Dirty Little Secrets


Nasty Habits and Dirty Little Secrets, the award-winning 4th studio album from Coyote Kings, features the soulful vocals of Michelle “Mush Morgan as well as the amazing guitarwork of Robin Barrett. Nasty Habits has eleven new songs produced and penned by Barrett (he sings too!) and a bonus instrumental track for good measure.

Track Listing
Nasty Habit
Best You Couldn’t Do
Hard to Be a Man
Baby Wake Up
Baby’s Gone
My Rider
That Hot Daddy
Afternoon Sun
Scary Proposition
Walking in The Fog
Am I Gettin’ Wise

“Nasty Habits & Dirty Little Secrets” is a smack in the mouth to anyone that thinks the Coyote Kings are a one trick pony. This release is a real gem!

-Rick J. Bowen



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