Rob & Tiph play Marcy’s
by on April 7, 2019 in Gig Recap

Last night Robin and I played our first acoustic set at Marcy’s. Most times we play Marcy’s as a duo it’s hit or miss with the crowd but last night, Marcy’s was BUMPIN’! I couldnt even find a table to set our speaker and PA on when I arrived. We started to a full house of people and the tables kept rotating with people all night. There was a couple in the house who reserved a table a few weeks in advance after seeing us perform…probably at Guitar Fest.

Gordon was out sick but Emilio was gracious enough to fill in on Cajon. We had many a guest come and join us last night. Michael Agidius came in an was from door to stage in about 2 minutes as we just so happened to be playingWell Run Dry” from our latest album Rocket as he was walking in. He played an amazing sax solo that just completely warmed my soul. There were a few phones out so I’m sure video will surface on Facebook.

There were quite a few of Walla Walla’s best playing at venues around town, and I’m grateful to the few who came out and supported us after their shows were done. I believe we definitely made a few new fans out of people as they marveled at how much sound 3 people (and 4 when Michael played) put out. One guy said “When I came in and saw it was a guitar and vocal duo I thought ‘this is gonna be boring’ but I’m really glad I stayed. The sound, energy and….soul you guys played with just wowed me. I really glad I stayed.”….He bought both of the CDs we had. Such a wonderful feeling when people appreciate what we as musicians do. It will never get old.

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